Looking to Lose Excess Weight FAST?

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- Simple Nutrition

- Quick Workouts

- Guaranteed Fat Loss

Learn how to rapdly burn fat and feel better in Just 21-Days!

Jennifer lost 40 Pounds!

"I feel more confident, my anxiety is gone, depression is gone, I feel like I can think straight, move faster, accomplish anything."

"I lost 40 pounds! That's how much my dogs food bag weighs!

Clarice - "U go girl!!! So proud of u!"

Ashley - "You look GREAT!!! 😍 Proud of you girl!!" 

Morgan - "Amazing!!!! You look great!"

Mindy - "What the heck are you doing?"

Kimberly - "Damn, baby girl! Get it! #totalhotness"

Becca - "Amazing Jen!"

Tanya - "Awesome sauce lady. You look fantastic!"

Soxy has lost 47 Pounds and counting!

"There's no way I could've done this myself. This challenge is exactly what I needed." 

"I feel more confident and I sleep better knowing I'm doing the right thing!"


Ramona lost 4 cms from her waist!

"I was nervous about my first photo shoot, but with Ben's guidance I was able to 'lean out' more than ever. Even the photographer was impressed!" 

21 day challenge testimonial

Chelsea lost all her baby weight and even joined a gym!

"I just wanted to lose all the weight I gained from my pregnancy, I never expected to lose another 15 pounds on top of that!

"I definately think it's worth it!"

Chelsea before and after

Kristen got started too!

Frunza says "My bum's on fire" !

Are you unable to stick to a Weight Loss Plan?

Have you tried every diet and nothing works?

Are you just NOT motivated to exercise?

Are you bombarded with information and don't know where to start?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions... 

It's not your fault! 

Weight loss should be simple, clear and affordable!

This is exactly what the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge is about...

My name is Benjamin David and I am the founder of ourherowithin.com and Creator of this Program!

I'm a 7 times certified fitness trainer & women's fitness specialist with over 8 years of experience in helping women learn what it means to live fit and feel more confident in their bodies.

I have trained women of all kinds including:

  •  Stay at home moms
  •  Post partum mothers
  •  Pre and post-menopausal women
  •  Women who are battling obesity
  •  Adult & youth atheletes
  •  Women recovering from hysterectomy 
  •  And more!  

Here's some of the ladies and atheletes I've worked with!

So What Makes This Program Work?

Being a trainer for going on 8 years now has taught me ALOT and having trained so many people, I 've realized that there are 3 main keys to help anyone unlock a TRUE transformation.

FIRST KEY: Most Plans fail because they ignore something VERY crucial...

Permanent change requires a shift in MINDSET. 

So, mindset is the first key.

It's something I had to actually learn myself before I could teach others.

I wasn't always this super confident guy.

I had to overcome depression, anxiety and way too much negative self-talk.

I never really believed I could accomplish what I wanted.

Before I even tried I was already talking myself out of something.

 One day something clicked. 

I guess I just reached a breaking point. 

I got tired of my current situation and I didn't want it to define my future.

"This is it!" I told myself. 

"It's now or never!"

I decided to look for a mentor, someone that could help me.

And I havn't looked back since!

This program is not just another Nutrition and Workout guide that leaves you hanging... 

I will also teach you the same mindset stratagies that helped me.

Check out how they helped Jennifer...

She JUST posted this on Facebook!

SECOND KEY: This program teaches all the fundamentals of the Ketogenic Diet.  

The Keto Diet is NOT a "fad diet", it is one of the worlds most well known and studied diets and is one of the only diets clinically prescribed by doctors to help people fight Type 2 Diabetes AND Obesity. 

I happen to fancy myself an expert on Keto too. 

I absolutely love what this diet does.

Essentially, the keto diet is a Low-Carb Diet that taps into a more efficient pathway of fat burning called ketogenisis, that's where it gets its name!

Scientifically speaking, when your body is completely lacking carbohydrates this creates a metabolic condition known as “ketosis.”  

This is when your body starts to produce ketones (by-products of fatty acids) for energy.  

So rather than your body using sugar, or glucose for energy, it’s using these ketones instead.  

These Ketones then seek out and burn off your stored fat cells by converting your stored fat into more ketones.

Then those ketones seek out more stored fat and the process increases exponentially until you have no more stored fat.

Essentially, the fat literally cannibalizes itself.  

This is how the ketogenic diet is one of the most rapid fat loss diets in the world.

No other diet can produce the same results as Keto can.

In fact, the Keto Diet is so efficient at what it does...  

Exercise is not even a requirement to lose weight!

Ketogenic diets have many benefits outside of fat-loss.  

  • Increased well-being, focus, concentration and mental clairity 
  • Significant reduction in depression/anxiety 
  • And more

Soxy gets it!

THIRD KEY: It's not Just 21 days. I'm not going to leave you hanging at the end of the challenge! What the heck? "Thanks & Bye?" ...Not my style!

You will have access to me and my exclusive Facebook group for LIFE!  

You will be able to maintain and improve your results even after the 21 days are over...

This program CAN and WILL change your life! 


Lets' take a peek inside...

21 day challenge
21 day challenge
21 day challenge


  • Complete nutrition guide
  • The Keto Diet food pyramid - For Keto at a glance
  • Meal plan guide & grocery list generator 
  • Quick, easy-to-master low impact home workouts
  • Illustrated exercise descriptions for all 21 Days!
  • Cardio guidance
  • Tips on how to stay accountable
  • Meditation tips to increase peace of mind
  • Private coaching for one on one assistance
  • Exclusive community support from private group

If you order today, you will also recieve this as a FREE bonus:

 Beginner Gym Workout Guide

This is an optional free guide that will help you get out of the house and learn the "ins' and outs'"of going to the gym without feeling isolated or nervous.

Beginner gym guide

15$ FREE

The Beginner Gym Workout Guide Includes:

  • Gym Basics and Safety.
  • Structured Workout Plan.
  • Nutrition advice for before and after the gym.
  • Workout videos detailing correct exercise form so you don't need to ask anyone for help.

The results people are getting from this challenge are INSANE!

If you hired a personal trainer, everything in this program would easily cost over $200.00 and that's not even counting the hourly rate they're going to bill you.

The 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge is only $24.99! and that gives you access for LIFE!

This program is perfect for women who are wanting to lose weight for a wedding, family reunion, school reunion, holiday, or simply for no good reason other than.. 

just wanting to!

You can look and feel like a different person in just 21 Days

  • Burn fat at twice the speed of a tradional diet even if you can't exercise
  • Experience increased well-being, focus, concentration and mental clairity  
  • Experience significant reduction in depression/anxiety


It's the ultimate transformation!

Start today!

The one time charge of $24.99 gives you full access to all the material plus the free bonus gym guide and lifetime access to the 21-Day Challene support group.

*I am so confident in this program that if you are unsatisfied for any reason within sixty days you will recieve a full refund whether you lose weight or not. No questions asked.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What exactly is the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge?  

The 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge is a repeatable program designed to help you get rid of old habits and create newer, healthier habits through fitness, meditation, and wholesome nutrition. It can be used as many times as you wish.  

What type of foods does this diet consist of?  

This challenge uses a Ketogenic Diet consisting mostly of healthy fats, lean protein, vegetables, and a few targeted complex carbohydrates.

Is there a meal plan?  

Yes, I help you create a meal plan through one-on-one coaching or you can create your own in seconds using the provided tools. In my experience this is a much better apprach for YOU as an inividual with specific likes/dislikes.  

I have a thyroid problem, will this diet still work for me?  

Yes indeed! With a doctors approval this challenge is great for thyroid problems. The diet removes sugar, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods.

Can I do this Challenge if I am nursing or breastfeeding?  

Absolutely. With doctor approval, there are many women who follow a low-carb or keto diet while breastfeeding. Recent studies also show that newborn babies are already in ketosis by virute of their diet and developmental stage!

I have diabetes/pre-diabetes, can I still do the challenge?  

With doctors approval, absolutely! The keto diet has helped many women manege their diabetes or even cure their diabetes altogether.

How long are the workouts? 

Each workout takes 20-30 minutes. The goal is to have tons of time to enjoy life.

Can I do it at home?  

Yes, the main guide provides Home Workouts that don't require any equipment. If you have equipment and want to use it, that is totally fine also!

What if it doesn’t work for me?  

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you will get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. No risk.

Is this program only for people who are already somewhat in shape?  

Absolutely not. This program was specifically designed for Beginners looking to jump-start their weighloss and stay on track!

Can I watch the videos from the Gym Guide on my iPad or mobile device?  

Yes! After all It’s the 21st century. Wherever you’re at, you can access the Workouts and Video Library as long as you have a WiFi Connection. If you have enough storage room on your device you can even download them!

You mentioned the challenge includes "Lifetime Fitness Coaching" What exactly does that mean?

It means exactly that. If you purchase the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge you may use the 21-Day Challenge Facebook Group to ask Health and Wellness specific questions for as long as you would like to. Unless you leave on your own free will, you will ALWAYS have access to me.

  • You don't need an expensive gym membership
  • You don't need to hire an expensive personal trainer
  • You don't need to spend cash on expensive equipment
  • You don't need to waste money on detoxes, wraps or cleanses
  • You don't need to go under the knife
  • You don't need to do endless hours of cardio

Save time, save money, save your sanity!

21 day challenge

Lose weight, or your money back. Gauranteed!