What is the 21-Day Health and Wellnes Challenge?

Proven Workouts. Simple Instructions. Amazing Results!

This program is guaranteed to help you launch & guide your health and wellness journey. 

This Challenge is a challenge to help you get your life back or to just simply make it better than it already is.  

Step by step, one day at a time this challenge takes you on a beginners journey of mindfulness, control, and physical strength; where in the end, you realize the fullest potential of your real self as you master the art of wellness and discover your Hero Within.

Take a look at Jennifers results!

After losing 30 pounds on the program, here she is holding a 30 pound bag of dog food.

She has literally lost more weight than what this program cost!

Look at what some of Jennifers friends are saying:

Jennifer isn't the only one losing weight however...

Soxy lost 15 pounds in the first 21-Days of the program and after she decided to keep going she has lost 14 more pounds so far. 

That's 30 whole pounds in less than 2 months!

This is an easy to do program that has been proven to work.

Here is what Ramona from Fitnizfury.com had to say:

"I really like Benjamin’s approach to training. Unlike most fitness trainers, he places a lot of emphasis on changing mindsets. This, to me is crucial in determining the success of a program.  

He taught me new ways to train and adjust my nutrition to get to my goals faster. Being a Fitness Trainer myself, it was refreshing to learn from someone with over 10 years of experience and credentials to match.  

What I really like about Benjamin’s training style is how he forms emotional bonds with his clients. He has a subtle yet powerful way of veering his clients to get on the right track and keeping them focused.  

He’s an amazing mentor and I am so thrilled to be working with him and expanding my knowledge."

-Ramona Fernandez @ Fitnizfury.com

My name is Benjamin David and I am the creator of ourherowithin.com and the Writer of Our Hero Within - A journey of self-discovery and finding your true path.  

I'm a mental health awareness, addiction recovery & anti-bullying advocate, as well as an animal lover. I'm a 7 times certified fitness trainer & women's fitness specialist with over 8 years of experience in helping people become better, stronger, more complete individuals.

I have trained international competitive youth athletes, active duty military and police, fire and rescue, and everyday people.

My goal has always been to help people discover their Hero Within through real practical strategies and being a part of that transformation is what brings my life purpose.

So, I created the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge. 

For less than half the price of one personal training session...

This program CAN potentially change your life! 

I know that because not only did I specifically design this program for beginners who are overweight, I offer a real guarantee.

Let's take a look inside to see what you get...

With The Challenge You Get:

5 easy to download eBooks with a daily devotional and a Free Beginners Gym Guide as a bonus


Access to a private Facebook support group where you get personal "one on one" assistance with your program.

It's a private group because I respect your wish to privacy, so your friends and family will not be able to see that you are in the group.

Book 1: Living in Health and Wellness  

An Introduction  

This is the main guide where I give my personal definition of Health and Wellness and what it means to live a lifestyle of Health and Wellness.  

Here you will learn:  

  • The 5 Precepts of health and wellness 
  • How to achieve the right balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit in a modern world  
  • Summarizing the most cutting-edge discoveries in Neuroscience
  • You will learn why proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation are essential to your hormones and for living life to your fullest potential

Book 2: Meditation Guide  

Arguably the most important book in this series. In this book, I cover the basics of meditation and present a few techniques you can start using today to help you unlock more self-awareness, greater perception and, understanding of yourself.  

Here you will learn:  

  • How to increase your concentration 
  • How to use meditation to invoke inner-strength, wisdom, and
  • develop stronger willpower  
  • How to properly sit in Zazen style or traditional meditative posture.
  • How to even perform "walking meditation."

Book 3: Nutrition Guide  

No pun intended but this is the real meat and potatoes of the challenge. This is where the greatest amount of awesome takes place. For me, as a professional fitness trainer, it was a blast writing this book and I hope you get just as excited reading it as I had writing it.  

Here you will learn:  

  • How to form goals using your actual metabolic rate and not some impersonal formula 
  • Learn what Macro Ratios are and how to manipulate them to burn fat much faster  
  • Learn how to time and control cheat meals so that they never interfere with fat loss  
  • Learn how certain foods help or hinder neurotransmitter activity in the brain - This is where we learn how nutrition directly affects cognitive focus and mental well-being

Book 4: Daily Devotional and Home Workout Guide  

This is going to be your official tour guide through the challenge. The Daily devotional provides day by day instruction for meditation and detailed instructions on which workouts you can do to help shape and tone your body  

Inside you will have:  

  • Illustrated beginners home workout guide 
  • How-to on proper exercise techniques to keep you safe  
  • Quick tips for exercise safety  
  • Gratitude Challenge and Vision Travel log

FREE Bonus Offer!

Book 5: Beginners Gym Workout Guide (This is optional. You do NOT have to go to the gym to complete this challenge but if you are thinking about it, this will help you.)

Does the gym sound terrifying? Too many new things at once and you may not have a single idea what to do. Fear not, I've got you covered with the beginners gym workout guide.  

Here you're going to learn: 

  • How to use each machine in the guide with pictures, video and description 
  • Gym Etiquette. How to act and carry yourself in the gym without looking like a beginner. 
  • Gym terminology. This will help you get around easier in conversation and or ask for help if you need it.

Most Importantly...  

You get exclusive unlimited access to a Private Support Group on Facebook. 

That means your Friends and family can't see what you post in there.

With this group you can personally contact me often as you want for help with your program.

 To hire me in real-life I charge a flat rate of $60.00 an hour.

But with this program you can get lifetime access right now for just $27.00

 however, space IS limited. 

This program closes in...


Beginners require more undivided attention 

(attention I would be giving you) 

and due to this I can only allow so many new members per month.  

This is how I maintain the quality of my service to you and others.  

Let's get started as soon as possible so you don't miss out!


Get the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge today PLUS Lifetime Coaching for only $27 dollars. This is AMAZING value. The average person who buys the challenge winds up losing MORE WEIGHT than what the program even costs! But still, If you are unsatisfied for any reason within sixty days you will recieve a 100% refund even if you lose weight. No questions asked.

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

What exactly is the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge?  

The 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge is a repeatable program designed to help you get rid of old habits and create newer, healthier habits that will help you find a better peace of mind through fitness, meditation, and wholesome nutrition. It can be used as many times as you wish.  

What type of foods does this diet consist of?  

This is an organic whole foods based diet, including lean protein, vegetables, and a few targeted complex carbohydrates. If you have any allergies or prefer to stay away from certain foods, such but not limited to gluten containing foods, I can customize the plan for you VIA contacting me in the Members only Facebook Group.  

Is there a meal plan?  

While there is a book specifically focused on scientific nutritional advice, I have not provided a singular "meal plan" due to the fact that so many people have different nutritional requirements. What I offer instead is one-on-one coaching when it comes to meal plans. In my experience this is a much better apprach for YOU as an inividual with specific likes/dislikes & needs.  

Can I do this challenge as a vegan or vegetarian?  

You sure can, although, you will need one on one coaching with me through the Members Only Facebook group. If you are okay with that, then so am I. If you cannot access the Facebook Group for whatever reason then the challenge is not for you. The reading material alone will not be suitable. If you can access Facebook I would love to personally coach you.  

I have a thyroid problem, will this diet still work for me?  

Yes indeed! With a doctors approval this challenge is great for thyroid problems. The diet avoids sugar, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods. In the event there is anything specific we can talk one on one within the Members Only Facebook group and make sure you're set up correctly.  

Can I do this Challenge if I am nursing or breastfeeding?  

Absolutely, as long as you have your doctor's approval, we can work together in customizing your needs through the Members Only Facebook Group.  

I have diabetes/pre-diabetes, can I still do the challenge?  

Absolutely, as long as you have your doctor's approval, we can work together in customizing your needs through the Members Only Facebook Group. In face to face training, I have gotten clients to either reduce their need for medication or we have worked diligently together to cure their diabetes altogether. Anything is possible.

How long is the workout? 

Each workout takes no longer than 45 minutes. The goal is to have tons of time to enjoy life.

Can I do it at home?  

Definitely. That’s why the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge comes with an At Home Daily Devotional. You don't even need equipment.

What if it doesn’t work for me?  

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you will get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. No risk. So go ahead and try it for yourself.

Is this program only for people who are already somewhat in shape?  

Absolutely not. This program was specifically designed for beginners.

Can I watch the videos on my iPad or mobile device?  

Yes! After all It’s the 21st century. And you’re probably busy with a job, family, or school. Wherever you’re at, you can access the Workouts and Video Library as long as you have a WiFi Connection.

You mentioned the challenge includes "Lifetime Fitness Coaching" What exactly does that mean?

It means exactly that. If you purchase the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge you may use the 21-Day Challenge Facebook Group to ask Health and Wellness specific questions for as long as you would like to. This is the group where I help everyone, so unless you leave on your own free will, you will ALWAYS have access to me.

Get started now while spaces are still open!


Get the 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge today PLUS Lifetime Coaching for only $27 dollars. This is AMAZING value. The average person who buys the challenge winds up losing MORE WEIGHT than what the program even costs! But still, If you are unsatisfied for any reason within sixty days you will recieve a 100% refund even if you lose weight. No questions asked.

Feel Great About Your Results or Don't Pay a Single Penny.

Try the challenge and If you are still unsatisfied for any reason within sixty days, just send an email to support@ourherowithin.com, and I will send you your money right back!